PLANNED MAIN FEATURES/RULES: (...as development evolves)

- Free to play aircrafts. (unlimited stock)
- Customizable pilot avatar.
- Ever-growing world map composed of islands based on real life locations. (Although real world rendering is an option, the size of the world is key to the game experience.)
- Day/night cycles.
- Global Weather and local thermals. (for gliding!)
- Wind computing.
- Licences unlockable trough trials. - Progressive tech tree unlock with player level and licences.
- In game currency. Trading system.
- Player will be able to earn cash trough completing missions or having a job (daily missions).
- Missions may include: Passenger/cargo transport, Banner towing, Photography flights, Search and rescue, Fire fighting, Crop dusting...
- Non-free aircrafts will be persistent. The state and position of the aircraft is saved in the data base.
- Players can buy a hangar (in-game currency only) to own more than one persistent aircrafts. While having just one will make that aircraft to be always active/visible
- Non-free aircrafts will be able to be purchased via in-game currency with exception of premium aircrafts which will require a real life payment.
- Premium aircrafts will be those that have clear advantage on other aircrafts of the same tier regarding useful payload and weight to power ratios.
- In-game currency will be able to be purchased via real life payment at an exchange rate via official site. (note that tech tree is still locked by level).
- Owning a hangar enables player to customize and upgrade owned aircrafts.
- Aircrafts will be able to be traded trough in-game trading system.
- Aircrafts can be damaged and components will degrade with use causing malfunctions.
- Navaids including ADF, ILS, VOR. Custom charts.
- in-game voice radio.


- Persistent game and data server is live.
- Players can login or create an account via game.
- Players can spawn some test free to play aircrafts.
- Players can ride along as co-pilot.
- Players can get out of the aircraft and walk around.
- Players can do "Private Pilot Licence" checkride.
- Players can log flying hours in the logbook.